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im so sick of the "its the same game" stuff. seriously though its a sequel! it's pose to be similar why make extreme changes in a sequel when u can save it for a brand new series of games?. also if EA wanted to make a battlefield every year they would and it would look the same, play the same, and "be the same" as they previous. if you don't like it dont play n just shut up.

and apart from graphics black ops was nothing like mw2

Who said anyting about Battlefield, bro? I was just pointing out the similarities of all 3 games...and what is Black Op's sequel? Maybe one day the masses won't be fooled, but until then....

wow....talk about a waste of a video post and thread.

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wow....talk about a waste of a post and thread.


Likewise, schmück. 

I don't think anyone is being "fooled" in the sense that they expect a different game. Everyone knows that MW3 = MW2 +/- annoying crap

ROFL...that was good. But I fear you may have given them a new idea...


Call of Duty: Modern Black Ops



I actually found that entertaining. You can do the same thing with a lot of other game series though so I don't know what you're tryng to prove...

I can see a difference even with the poor youtube quality.  I would like to make a few points.  Anyone who is looking for a massive increase in graphics this late in the console's life cycle is only setting themselves up to be disappointed by every future release for the 360.  The console has pretty much been maxed out.

And yeah, not sure if you made the video or not, but it was quite a huge waste of time.  You are trying to get people worked up over something that happens with every other sequel and it's predecessor.  Are you seeing much of a difference between Halo: Reach, ODST, and 3?  BF2 and 3?  Or take it back a ways... Doom or Doom 2/Hexen/Heretic?

In the future, spend your time doing something constructive that doesn't include telling me I am being fooled by Activision.  All I care about when playing a video game is having fun and each CoD game has done exactly that for me and done it quite well.  In fact for the amount of time I spent enjoying myself on Black Ops or MW2, it has been extremely well worth the 60$ game.  Even the amount of time I spent enjoying the new maps have been well worth it for me.

I wonder if that is why BF has been so easy.  The player base we see on the CoD forums usually shows little to no intelligence.

Such a flawed @@@ argument, I swear to God. I won't even get started. Well, no. I will. It's a sequel. It's Call of Duty. They aren't going to make a game where you play as farm animals and play football with a hockey puck. It's going to be very similar. Jesus. Why can't people get that? You're a soldier, you've got a gun, you've got team mates, you run around, you shoot, you kill. Gears of War 1-3 are virtually the same. No one says a thing about that.