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Since a lot of people seem to be curious or do not understand what 1.6.6 version means and such I've decided to compile an entire list of every item, mob and feature not included in this version of Minecraft so you can expect them later. If you want to be surprised and such then do not read any further ahead.



◦New Textures for Cobblestone and Bricks

◦Mobs: Enderman

◦Mobs: Silverfish

◦Mobs: Cave Spiders

◦Stone Bricks, Slabs and Stairs

◦Brick Slabs and Stairs

◦Fence Gates

◦Glass Panes

◦Iron Bars


◦Creative Game Mode

◦Randomly Generated Structure system: Includes NPC Villages, Strongholds, Abandoned Mine Shafts and Ravines.

◦Deeper Ocean Biomes

◦Mountain Biome

◦Swamp Biome

◦Charge Bow Attacks

◦Critical Hits


◦Experience Orbs

◦Food System

◦Melon Slices

◦Raw Chicken

◦Raw Beef

◦Cooked Chicken


◦Melon and Pumpkin Seeds


◦Rotten Flesh

◦Fleeing Passive Mobs when attacked

◦Unknown but upgraded sounds for Doors, Trapdoors, Experience Orbs, Chests, Fishing Poles, Bows, Fence Gates and Explosions.

◦Ender Pearls teleport ability

◦Random loot in Strongholds

◦Increased Block Mining Speed for certain blocks.

◦New Nether Items; Nether Bricks, Nether Stairs, Nether Fences

◦Nether Fortresses

◦The End

◦End Portal

◦End Stone

◦Ghast Tear

◦Blaze Rod

◦Nether Wart

◦Gold Nugget

◦Glass Bottles

◦Spider Eye

◦Fermented Spider Eye

◦Blaze Powder

◦Magma Cream

◦Glistering Melon

◦Eye of Ender

◦Mobs: Ender Dragon

◦9 Music Discs

◦Snowy Biomes

◦Mushroom Biomes

◦Giant Mushrooms

◦Mobs: Mooshroom

◦Mycelium Blocks

◦NPC Villagers

◦Snow Golem

◦Magma Cube


◦Experience used for Enchanting

◦Animal Breeding

◦Sun and Moon rise in the East (may or may not already happen.)

◦Hardcore Mode: One life

◦Item Repair

◦Potions; Splash Potions, Potion Effects, Brewing Stand and Brewing

◦Enchantment Table and Enchanting

◦Enchantable Bows

◦Creative Mode Spawn Eggs

◦World Mode: Default and Superflat

◦Sheep eat grass to recover wool

◦Music Discs can now drop from Creepers killed by Skeletons

◦Climbable Vines

◦2 Sandstone Block Textures and a Circle Stone Block texture

◦Redstone Lamps

◦Fire Charge

◦Bottle of Enchanting

◦Rare drops for Mobs

◦Villager Children

◦Zombie Sieges in Villages

◦Zombies break doors down in Hard mode

◦Tamed Wolf Puppies

◦Mobs: Iron Golem

◦Mobs: Ocelots

◦Mobs: Cats

◦Jungle Biome

◦Increased block height limit to 256

◦Wooden Planks now have the color of the tree they are mined from

◦New Sandstone Blocks

◦Cats now sit on Beds and Chests

That is everything in order from top to bottom.

"Magma is a funny word. Magma." - Richard

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