Ok so apperently i got banned from Gears of War 3 online match-making for nothing and if i did do something idk what and it makes me so mad that i cant play the game i love to play all day that i think EPIC GAME INC. and cliffy b. is *** and they shoudn't make a game ever again if there just going to Ban there fans for no reason. Im not trying to make a big issue about it but they shoudn't Ban you no reason i just think its stupid becuase i worked so freaking hard from setember 19th at midnight when i got Gears of War 3 all the way till yesterday night to get to level 100 x4 and to get seriously 3.0 and then they banned me for no reason it is so annoying that im stating to rage hate them so if anyone on these forums can help me please comment im so mad that i want to brake my Gears 3 game and send it back to them and never buy another one of there games.


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Apologies but if you have only been banned from Gears you will need to contact Epic Games via their forum to get a clear answer as to why.


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ok thx its just so annoying that for someone like me to put in all the work to earn my 4th set of wings in Gears of War 3 and get seriously 3.0 and then i turn around and i get banned or whatever like right now idk if i want to buy another one of there games and put in all that work staying up all night and day playing knowing im possiblly going to get banned or whatever for no reason you know.

Wow, sucks bro. hope you get everything situated. I'm buying Gears of War 3 hope this doesn't happen to me. ;3

Both Microsoft and EPIC don't make a habit out of banning loyal customers who did nothing wrong.  If you were banned, it was for a reason and you probably know exactly what that is.  Regardless, posting on this forum will accomplish nothing other than letting you vent.  As bowski477 stated above, contact EPIC about your ban and good luck.