Epic Edition DLC Question....

So, I just recently earlier today picked up the Epic edition of gears of War3, still haven't done anything with the game yet, and I just wanted to double check and see if this is right when I go to register my code; The front of card pretty much says the download is for Adam Fenis and 5 Bonus Weapon Skins (and 2-Day Gold Pass).  So, I look on the back where the codes are, and all i see is 2-Day Gold Trial and Weapons Skins Pack Code. (which I find odd that there's no mention of Adam Fenix with a code)  So again, is this right or some kinda misprint?  or is Adam Fenix included as part of that pack?  Leave a reply back.  Thanks!


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its on the back of the COG tag. its small but its there. i beleive it mentioned it right on the back of the card.

Yea....you're right. (I shortly after found a YouTube video explaining that, which oddly enough the guy's vid I found was showing Limited Edition, and yet his card had an Adam Fenix Code anyway, plus the weapons pack code (so it's like he got 2 of the same code)).  I didn't realize that at 1st, I must've overlooked it on the card cause well, I wasn't really gonna take the cog outta the case at 1st.  Kinda makes the code a little hard to read, though.  Thanks man.

Thanks for this thread. My card only had the two codes as well.   I was not even aware of the Adam Fenix code and, like you, I wasn't planning on taking the COG out of the box.