Epic CTF defend.. (rendered clip)

This is what happened... o.o wat u think?

Yeah, i know i died at the end but, hey..sniper work was pretty solid.


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Wasn't that epic because you died.

Um, you got three Kills with the Snipe.


You're the man?

I wouldn't really classify it as epic, but i guess good job on defending the flag.


I'm guna use this thread as an oppurtunity to plug my own video, i had an ok flag defence on Halo 3 a couple of weeks ago (my team lost 3-0 lol), you can see some pretty terrible sniper work from me on Halo 3 after not playing for 11 months:  http://www.bungie.net/Online/Halo3UserContentDetails.aspx?h3fileid=122796711

I thought "H3? **** yeah, I'll watch that".


There appears to be a problem with it. Is it actually up on Bungie.net or your fileshare?

I think the problem is that 343 is taking control of halo servers today, when i was on halo 3 earlier bungie favourites wouldn't load and same with other people's file share.

I guess it'll be back up some time soon, it is on my file share still.