Epic calls it "Rank reset glitch"....I call it a broke game...

Sadly because of being reset,you are not able to complete the game afterwards.The game locks you out of certain achievements afterwards.Epic has done nothing at all but dodge the issue,blame it on the players and totally ignore the problem.Games coding is broke.Sure other games might reset you but,you are able to finish it afterwards.Gears 3 you cannot and Microsoft says I am supposed to be able to complete 100% of the achievements on a game so what happens now? Refund? lawsuit? And the incredible thing is they stopped supporting this game almost 6 months after its release to push Judgment out.Epic totally dropped the ball on this one.The only thing you get on Epics site is closed threads and fanboys backing the broke game every chance they get.Judgment coming out without alot of the favorite modes and only a few different game variations,Get ready for a dlc nightmare.Sure $60 for the new game but they are going to dlc the *** out of us and make us pay another $60 for dlc's to complete another faulty game.Done with Epic,the suck miserably in player support and making a "working" game.


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Well, DLC is optional, but the reason they keep doing it is because we (idiot) gamers keep buying it.  If no one buys DLC, they will get rid of it and then MAYBE we can go back to the days of unlocking all that stuff that was actually on the disk instead of having it piecemealed to us at $5 and $10 a pop.


Also, to address your "question marks", getting all of the achievements or onyx medals is not a required part of gameplay which is why Epic does not consider the game broken, only glitched.  The truth is that the actual game and (campaign and multiplayer) work fine.  Achievements and medals are nothing more than ancillary scoring items that are not an integral part of the actual game.  These arbitrary scoring items confer no rights to the user that they have to work properly.  


It would be like buying a Monopoly board game and on the box it says that one of the "achievements" of the game is to get a hotel on all of your properties.  While playing the game, you realize that there are not enough hotel pieces to obtain that achievement, so you claim that the Monopoly game is broke.  Asking for a refund or filing a lawsuit against Parker Brothers would probably seem a bit silly to you, wouldn't it?  Any judge with half a brain would throw the case out in a heartbeat.  This same principle applies to Gears of War 3, and in fact, all games.


The truth is that we, achievement *** place these voluntary goals on such a high pedestal that it hurts when they become unobtainable.  In reality, there are plenty of gamers out there that do not care about a high score or achievements one way or the other.  These are the people that go about happily fragging each other in multiplayer day in and day out.  These people could care less about their gamerscores, rank resets or medals.  They just simply want to play.  


I think that in an ironic kind of way, this rank reset glitch has forced us to reevaluate what really is the most important thing about a playing a game.  Is it to obtain all of the achievements, have a high ranking on the leaderboards, or is it to just have fun and unwind?  I, as an example, gave up on the "Seriously" achievements on all Gears games.  It was just too much of a grind that it felt like work.  When a game feels like work, then there is something seriously wrong.  There are people who go ahead and do it and I say more power to them.  It's just not something for me.  I have to draw a line in the sand and say "This is the line I won't cross to get an achievement".  There are just too many great games out there to experience to be hung up on getting 3,000 kills with the hammerbust.  My gaming time is precious and I would rather not squander it by retreading Gears 3 ad nauseam.  


The only way that Epic will "get their act together" is if no one buys Gears Judgment.  That would be quite a wake-up call for them and let them know for certain that people will not buy their products until they can address their past mistakes.  Unfortunately, the reality is that this game will probably sell millions and millions of copies and like I said at the beginning of this post; the more we idiot gamers keep buying it, the more they will keep doing what they normally do without recourse.



Not so much the point of going for the 100% in the game.The fact that whether I choose to do so or not,after being reset in this game,you cannot.About principles really.I paid 100% yet,can only use 95%.Good post Silcon and thanks,you made me do a little thinking about me getting my "game" on,take care.

Quite annoyed at this myself. Sure, a businesses main aim is to make a profit and to increase sales, but I find it saddening how only 6 months after release, they stopped working on the game altogether to focus solely on Judgment. I've been a Gears fan since I've had an Xbox, that's going on 7 years and safe to say I'm not happy with Epic, either. I doubt it'd cost them very much nor take them much time to solve this coding error. This is something which should of been fixed when it was first discovered.

Was reset a few days ago, but managed to level up fairly quickly. However, [layed the campaign on insane with 4 others the other night, even though I'd already done it on co-op just to gain the "We Happy Few..." achievement. Was wondering why it didn't pop up so thanks for clearing that up.

I'm going to file a complaint with the BBB against Epic Games. So many people are unaware of this issue that will continue to go unsolved because Epic only cares about promoting Judgment. Epic is hoping that the public will just ignore the problem and move on. I strongly advise those people who have been rest like me to file a complaint with the BBB as well. There is no logical argument that can be used to defend Epic and it's incompetence regarding this issue.

Good luck with that AwX...I mentioned in your other post, it will go no where...we did this with Bad Co 1

this also happened with Army of 2, 40th day.  If you played the on-line mode, you could not get all the off line achievements, nor the new ones for the dlc.

I have just been officially banned from Epic Game forums because of trolling they say.Member since 06 Gears 1,2 and 3 .I asked a simple question "What other games besides Gears keeps you locked out of completion after a reset.Forget about the reset,this is about afterwards when you continue to play,what is the use? you cannot finish,game has you locked out,now what?'.............................that was the question now after being a loyal fan for 5 years,I am banned.Very glad I did not buy Judgment,from what I can see,half the content at launch then other games with a few of our favorite modes taken out AND,no help for the present game,which was abandoned for Judgment 6 months after release.I am done,not mad but happy I did not spend any more hard earned money on an unfinished product.Check my game stats,speaks for themselves when it comes to Gears,dam shame.

Yeah, I was permanently banned from the official Epic forums for ONE "troll" post. Almost all of my posts were dedicated to strongly criticizing Epic's irresponsible and unethical business practices. Just goes to show how the moderation team will go to extreme lengths in order to suppress the inconvenient truth. Don't speak out against the state! If you do, you get perma-banned! Lenin and Stalin would approve of Epic.