EOD Bot - BF3

beep boop bop

The music made me laugh the whole time.



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The song is called "back to karkand theme"

It can kill with the Repair Tool?! Friggin awesome!!

Wow I haven't heard that song in 5 years. Never knew you could kill people with the repair tool either, need to try that. Oh and the ammo pack is it supposed to be mounted on the EOD bot or they just threw it on and it didn't fly off?

I wish when you killed someone your guy would start muttering like a maniac, like perhaps "I like fire..." or just maniacal laughter and just start twitching.

I love using this bot online, its hard to describe the lulz had when getting a kill with it.

I've unlocked it but I have yet to use it. I just think having my repair tool on hand is great. I feel I actually use the repair tool more to damage tanks than to repair them. Maybe I should switch to the EOD bot though because then they wouldn't jump out and kill me when I disable it plus I could be on their left flank, attack from their right with my EOD bot. That way they would look to the right and I could stand up and fire a rocket from my position on the left without being watched by the driver/gunner. It has unlimited tactical capabilities!

The song is the Middle Eastern Coalition theme from BF2.

I feel the need to boost this one....

Not many people take of advantage of this drone.

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isnt there an achievement for killing someone with the repair tool?

^^ Yeah, in BFBC2.. Headshot an enemy with the repair tool. I got it on a sniper who never saw it coming. Even after I got the chevo, I did it several other times cause it was just too funny.