Entering Prestige in Ghosts?

I've Prestiged in all of the other Call of Duty's - but I'm curious what happens when I do in Ghosts. Does it make me have to re-make every class again & do I lose all of my Squad Points or keep them? Basically all I'm wanting to know. I'm a few games away from it and want to just hop right in.


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You wont lose anything...save your squad points, you'll need them to arm your next squad member.. After you reach level 60, that squad member automatically prestiges and you'll get the prestige icon... After all 10 squad members have prestiged you reach max prestige 10 I guess....

The way I understand it is you don't lose anything. The soldier that you reach max rank of 60 on is done and they will have all their unlocks and classes, etc. You just rank up each soldier to level 60 and that is it. Kinda stupid really.

You have to re-unlock perks, weapons, attachments, etc for each squad member. There's hundreds of videos on youtube covering all this, just go look it up there.

I don't like it. I like the old way of prestiging better. Someone could choose to stay on their first character but why not keep that at 5 star 60? Doesn't make sense.

It's not like prestiging in this game does anything to the character you prestige. You keep everything for that character, you just get a new symbol next to your level. Also, why are you complaining about Call of Duty when none of your past 5 games are CoD? Doesn't even really seem like you play CoD enough to complain about prestiging.

i don't like the Re-prestiging system in this one *thumbs down*