Ensemble Cast Achievement

For those who don't know what this is it's how you get the wunderwaffe in Co-op and I know how to get it by round 7 works every time all the time so if you can make it to round 8 you can get this achievement if you'd like to hit me up on XBL I can only do it with one person at a time but I'll try to help everyone I'll even let the other person get the wunderwaffe just because I know it's an awesome gun and some people still haven't gotten to use it.  Anyways I'm going to eat then I'll run one with the first person to message me or reply to this thread and start working down the list.  After I show you how to do this if you'd like please also help people in the thread being I'm only one person and their are people who'd like help.


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hi yes can i play :)

I'm interested, the Paradise achievements are all I have left in BlOps.

Sure but my mic broke D:<

feel free to add me as I said same thing to ppl i played with easily done by round 8... so can help if you need extra person if not no worries. You all tk care

I would really be grateful if you let me get the achievement

Hey :) I'm looking to get this achievement, got one of the Human's into the green light but was unable to kill them in time, and then died :(