Ensemble Cast Achievement helper or help needed!

Does anyone want to get the Ensemble Cast Achievement for Call of the Dead? I need this achievement too as well. Send me a friend request (XxSniper1220xX), or just msg me back on the forums if you want help. Thanks!


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ill help as long as you have a mic. i already have the achievement and i know all the steps toward this achievement. i have it memorized.

Hey, can u help me too? i got a mic and i just cant beat it! (Poricoco)

just f/r me

I fr'd u xxnecr0m0rphxx

me and a m8 are pretty sure we got it down but we play split-screen on same console and cant seem to get past step 2, we blow all the generators and slash the door but there's no vodka or morse code!! can it be done on split-screen?

My son & I got it split screen.

If someone could help me get this achievement I would be grateful, I'm not the best player as new to zombies just send me a f/r B1eedingThumbs