Enlighten me please

In a game of CTF last night and everytime I was around a few of the opposing team "wham" bring on the lag. Now I understand people aren't good enough to play and need to use lag switches and what not but when we returned to the pre game lobby my NAT type was suddenly moderate. I have never had any type of router issues and have around 400 hours played. Anyone know what these clowns were up to?


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 Anyone know what these clowns were up to?


Just File Complaint and move on. And as for the NAT type, try the complicated instructions here:


My router settings are fine and I have always run an open NAT type. An after that extremely suspicious game I return to the lobby with a moderate NAT and have to reset my router. Is what these clowns were doing the cause of this or just a router burp? Not really familar with why or the methods people use to manipulate the playing field.

to OP. You do know people use lag switches? When in use, they freeze you. Your character is compleley or partially paralyzed. Your screen will show a "connection lost" with the plug in and out screen. If you have any doubt you have been swindled, make sure you have the right ports open on your router and make sure your NAT is "open."