Engineers. Using your Stinger to aid in anti-air

So last night a buddy and I ended up jumping into a squad on one of the bigger more open maps. I forget the name of it so bear with me. As I'm picking Helis out of the sky I run dry on my Stinger. Well I decide, since we are playing Conquest, to just defend the point I'm at and deal with not having anymore rockets. Not even 2 minutes into defending I relize I have a chopper hovering over me. Not thinking I switch to my Stinger and lock on. Well just as I realize that I'm out of ammo, the pilot bails and the chopper comes tumbling down. Which now brings me to my ponit. Even if you don't have a rocket to launch at an enemy jet/chopper, lock on anyway and make them call your bluff. You might be suprised the next time you lock on to a chopper and then 2 seconds later you see an enemy come parachuting down. Must say I'm loving this game.


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They usually end up crashing themselves into the ground before I ever get a chance to pull my rocket launcher out.

Every jet or helo that I've run into had flares

I usually get a shot off but as of late I've been locking on and I always see them bail. It gets funny when they bail over top of you and you just pick them outta the sky while they watch

i took out a helo with the grenade launcher attachment today , i twas hovering ubove so i gave it a try and it came straight down! Thats a bit silly tbh

Every flying vehicle i've seen so far as ended up upside down and doing an emergency landing before i even get the chance to think what to do next =p

It is very effective, only problem I encountered was they bailed the copter and it crashed right on top of me!

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Every jet or helo that I've run into had flares

[/quote]Don't fire right away after you lock on. Keep them locked for a few seconds and they will usually deploy their flares. Wait a few seconds more and then fire. Worked pretty well for me last night.