Engineering Class question-BETA

I've been playing the engineering class quite a lot lately and notice that my next perk was the little bomb squad remote controlled robot thing. Not sure what its called but was curious of what it does and is it worth experimenting with it at all in the beta. It would be cool if you could mount a weapon like a grenade launcher, machine gun, or some C4 then drive it right up to a COMM station to defend or kill the person disarming or arming it. Kind of like when you take the UAV, strap some C4 on it and blow up the defending opponents in BF:BC2. The only thing I would worry about is if would be over used. Just wondering if anyone has used it yet. Thanks.


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It’s not very good – you can only arm/disarm with it.

Its also VERY hard to control. But, you can also repair vehicles with it.

Thanks. I'll still fiddle around with it one time but if that is all it does then what was the point to putting it in the game but whatever. I still think it would have been cool if you could mount some kind of weapon on it though.

i was surprsed when i saw it today.... i thought it was pretty cool