Engineer weapon select query

I might be missing something here but I have a few add ons for the AKS-74u I cannot use as I am unable to select the weapon when I am setting up my engineer class

On the battlelog stats it is showing as me having quite a few kills with it but is showing as locked at the moment. Totally confused

The only thing I can think of is that it might be using the stats from a few coop games I have had

Would dearly like to get the weapon in multiplayer but I am a long way from unlocking it, and seems strange that I am getting attachment unlocks for it but do not have it available yet


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AKS74u is the default weapon on RU side for Engineer. You should have it unlocked.

Only available playing as the RU, not the American Forces. Until you unlock it later on in that kit.

You can unlock these guns so they're available for both sides eventually...I think the 74u unlocked universally isn't until the 30's. Until then, the AKS-74u, RPK, AK-74M, SVD, M4, M16A3, M27 and M11 are only available to the RU/US side.