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Is anyone else having trouble engaging in battle with guards?  I can lock onto a guard, but when I hit X to draw my weapon nothing happens.  I don't recall having this problem with Assassin's Creed I and II.  I'm having the same problem with the Revelations as well.  I bought Brotherhood via XBox Live so I initially thought that was the reason.  I decided to buy the Revelations game disc and assumed the problem would go away.  The only way I'm able to kill my enemies is to grab them each individually and slit their throat.  It's obviously a little annoying, but thankfully I'm able to compete memory.  I assume there's nothing to be done, but I'm just curious to see if anyone else is having the same problem.    


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I like to just keep bumping into the guards to **** them off. You can also pickpocket someone right in front of a guard and not run away, and that person will scream for the guards. Another thing I like to do is find a group of them, then get on the roof above them and drop on their heads. Basically anything that would **** you off will **** them off. :p

Hit "LEFT" on your directional pad.  This will unsheath your sword/axe.  I think 'right' is for medicine, 'down' is for bare fists, and 'up' is your hidden blade.

Hitting "X" will only do an assassination, provided you are in the correct position to do so.

Left is medicine, right is sword. :p