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There was this guy on Black ops 2 who was hacking the lobby. He threatened to ban my console if i did not subscribe to his youtube channel. He changed the names of everyone in the lobby and also was moving around before the game started. He also defused the bomb while not being near it. He would also scope in and shoot through a rock and kill someone.  I would like you to do something about this person please. And if anyone sees him, report and leave the lobby. In game his name is [mod edit], but his player card says his name is [mod edit].


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Good luck on that even if u had video evidence they would laugh at you. I quit playing mp games like cod and HALO long time ago. To many kids and adult kids that cheat but yet never get banned. I wish they would pass a law that forces MS to ban people or take the game off the system.

,The enforcement team don't even accept video evidence.

The only way to report someone is via your console enforcement.xbox.com/.../HowTo

Cheaters & modders are getting banned everyday.

No one but the enforcement team can ban your console so don't pay any attention to anyone online who says they can.

You can't call out gamertags on the forums.

Man you think they'd finally take out that Mod Edit guy.  He's razed Xbox Live for years.....  XD

Kidding of course, console reporting is the best way.  The enforcement team doesn't scan these forums for infractions.  No worries, all good.

Thanks Daft!!

I belive if they took video evidence then they would have to do their jobs. Its like ms has made 2 different rules so that they can get away with it. It would also be funny if a class action lawsuit happen and the judge actually made them get rid of it. I played BO2 other day and its infested with hackers and modded controller users that give a unfair advantage over other players which is against MS TOS agreement.

COD franchise been horrible for years.  Last decent ones to play was COD4 and W@W.