Enemies in Orange & Random Friendlies in Blue

Why are player's names in different colors all of the sudden? What happened to enemy is red, party is blue, random teammate is green? It was that way last night.


EDIT: I'd show people what I mean, but theatre hasn't worked in a week . . .


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you probably accidentally changed your settings. There's a color blind setting in your options that does this exact thing.

I never mess with my settings. I guess I can try turning color blind on & off again to see if that works. It's just on & off, right? No more in depth than that?

If the setting is turned on it'll show like that. If it's turne off it'll be the regular grren and red names.

^^Yup, color blind ON means the enemy shows orange and friendly is blue. Color Blind OFF is red, green, and blue for party.

Colour blind assist also lets you see stuff you're not meant to see on the UAV, handy for running away from stealth bombers...