endlessfear's brother




 This is me. my name is joe joe, i go by michael now, insted of joe joe. you guys can talk all this *** you want because i really don't give a ***. so you guys can go somewhere you guys have no LIFE. to worry about a video that was deleted two years AGO. if it bothers you soo much. then go somewhere your ALL NERDS. regaurdless if my brother is endless fear. xbox does not concern me. i do not care. about a video i posted on his youtube page, you guys clearly have no life if your so worried about a video deleted two years ago.


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please add

me to see the full profile because facebook has it where if your under 18 you can't see the full profile

Oh my god this is great lol this guy needs o stay in the gutter he came out of.

This is rich. Your pretending to be someone else now dispite the FACT that you still play the same games, talk the same ***, and continue to change your name everytime someone makes a video of you crying after whipping your @@@. If you didn't care and didn't want the attention then you never would've taken the time to post this stupid ***.