Enderman Farm Issues

Hello. My clan's Minecraft server has an enderman farm that refuses to work at full efficiency no matter what we do. It works by having enderman spawn on pressure plates at the top which causes Pistons to push them off into the killing area. The farm works but no matter what we try it refuses to work like we want it to. We've flooded 100 blocks from the farm so they don't teleport, and we've lit up the entire end, including small caves and crevices. If you have any suggestions they'd be appreciated. Note: the farm works for about 3 minutes when a player leaves or exits the world or the end, but it does not work at full efficiency if you're just idle.

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If u have gone to the build limit that may be causing low rates I reccommend building a little below y:128 for maximum efficiency and if u have Xbox one edition I'm currently building docm77's enderman farm and could use some help

the xbox 360 has a spawn time and maxium spawn limit that keeps all farms form being as efficient as PC