End Game Progression Guild | Gilded Reavers | Daggerfall Covenant

Website: gildedreavers.enjin.com

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant

Focus: Adventure Zones & Organized PvP

System: Xbox One Gilded Reavers is a mature end game PvE and PvP guild in the Daggerfall Covenant for the Xbox One. This guild is for those who want to part of a team that's driven to excel both in RvR content as well as Adventure Zone Delves and Trials.

The Mission of the Gilded Reavers is timely accomplishment of challenging end game content and competitive success against the other factions. We will accomplish this through coordination, teamwork, and a common drive to succeed in order to excel at and enjoy Elder Scrolls Online.

One of our main goals in recruitment and progression is to establish a cohesive team of players. Recognizing that each of us have difference strengths and weakness as a guild we intend to leverage individual strengths to supplement each other and support individual weaknesses. Over time this will support the development of our players and increase the effectiveness of our team. This can not be achieved without casual and professional interaction between guild member and officers. The guild's membership already regularly interacts online and through our guild forums establishing the bonds that will lead us to success. When confronted with frustrating new end game content, these bonds will help maintain a unity of effort and ultimately lead to the accomplishment of our goals.

As for the name, we'll break it down by the definitions:


1. To cover with or as if with a thin layer of gold.

2. Archaic To smear with blood.

Reave from the archaic reive

1. to go on a plundering raid

  • Players focused on teamwork and achieving goals
  • Players willing to invest time into self-improvement, both in practice and through other resources such as Tamriel Foundry
  • Most importantly, players who main goal is to have fun, but are further energized through success and accomplishment

Playing the game can be taught, but personality can't. If you are worried about applying due to your own lack of experience, don't be. If you have the right attitude and are someone who is enjoyable to play to with, we will get you to where you need to be.

We understand not all players are as interested in PvE content as PvP content and vice-versus. If this is the case with you, there is still certainly room for you in the guild. However, if you hold zero interest, in one of those two competencies, then you may be better in a guild where there is one sole focus.

The Guild Officers have decades of combined MMO raiding experience in competitive hardcore progression guilds. We are all looking for a slightly more relaxed atmosphere but with comparable progression results.

Apply for an Interview here.


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Forums won't let me edit the thread for some reason, but the top website link is wrong.  Not sure why, but these forums mess up URLs sometimes it seems.  Here's the correct link:

Guild Website:  gildedreavers.enjin.com

Forming an excellent core group of players with a lot of experience.  We're still looking for more competitive players who want to excel at the end game.