End boss on coop insane

WTF! have just played that boss for over an hour in a group of 4 on insane and after the checkpoint it is WAY to  insane. has anyone got any tips or little pointers to help?


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Fight 1 Stay behind cover and watch for the light attack. When the boss is done move to the next cover closest to the stairs. (repeat)



Fight 2

Hide behind the posts to shield yourself from the light. Keep shooting the boss in the mouth when it lands use the hammer of dawn. When the boss climbs the tower shoot it in the back. Make sure to have people watching for locust reinforcements so they won't intefere. (← Hard Part) That's pretty much it.


I haven't made it that far yet on Insane I'm still fighting the human lambient zombies.

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Yeah, thanks, i know what you have to do as iv done it on hardcore but when u get there you will understand why im posting on here

I've only completed it on hardcore but the hard i think is not the Tempest the Locust Palace guards that ascend the walls. Then you have to fight them and have to worry about the light attack that the Tempest has

Guess no one has any tips then? has anyone actually done it yet on insane?

No worries, done it now! Pheew!

How did you do it? Any tips?

The easiest way (if you're just going for the gamer points, and not for the Challenge) Is to have friends do it on casual as you stay back on insane. Wont work for arcade tho, just standard. Takes about 10 minutes. Lame I know, but if you're really having a hard time, there ya go.

The best way to beat the boss is to do it with 2 people.. I know, sounds weird but the thing is, there much less guards ascending the tower and the Tempest goes down much faster than whit 4 people! Believe me! I tried a hundred times with 4 people and I thougt the same about you guys. One day I just joined a random game on insane during arcade. jumped in while I was fighting the tempest with only the host and won the battle really really quick.. weird but it worked for me :D