Encounter with a clan of hackers selling 15th prestige for 1600 MP, proof and we need Xbox do something about all these hackers/boosters!!

Clan of hackers selling 15th hack to hundreds of people and making a lot of money off of it! MORE BELOW.


Lately I have seemed to encountered tons of 15th prestige hacks that people are trying to pull and a ton of people using aimbot.

Last night I was playing with a friend online when a guy offered us 15th prestige hack by using a Jtag device? We decided to "play along" and then report him if he anything that wasnt right. 

We told him that it doesnt work (which pissed them off) so then he told us that he had sold for 1600 Microsoft points to over 100 people the 15th prestige hack. After that he said that his whole clan which isnt that big, had all been selling this to people and had been making money by doing so. We know this is true because there accounts only had a few days played and they were all 15th Prestige. They also said that they used the Jtag to get Free CoD points in order to buy gold guns.

After all that he insisted on putting us in a private match to prove that it works, we went for about 1 min and all this crap popped up and asking us if we wanted to prestige. It was very strange and we then told them that we got contact by microsoft and that our accounts, they thought we were telling the truth and then they  shut off there Xbox. We were smart and took down his gamertag though :) 


Im not trying to be a little snitch, but if they need to cheat there way in a video and also ruin everybody elses experiance I find it very wrong and someone at Xbox should get these guys out of the system. It isnt the first time I have hard of these guys and they need to be gone, because they are ruining the lobby and making money off of hacking the system and messing it up. 


Here is the one guy who claimed to have sold it to people gamers tag: [GT Removed]

The clan tag is: MOB 

This happended on SUnday July 22nd around 12:00 o clock Pacific standard time and persisted until arounsd 2:00 o'clock on Saturday July 23rd.


Please do something about these guys and get them out so they can stop messing up mine and a lot of peoples gaming experiance!


No wonder a lot of 15th Prestige's suck..... 



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The best we can do is file complaints, avoid, and move on. Microsoft has been cracking down on that a I've seen many people get banned because of this. Go to the forum about suspended accounts and you'll see how many people post and how many parents ask how they're kid got banned for nothing. Then a mod comes in and says they were trying to sell 15th prestige lobbies.

It can be quite funny actually

getting rid of these people is not being a snitch,its getting rid of scum.i doubt they actually had any mods but even so they need reporting via your console.

    There was what sounded like about a 12 year old kid come in a lobby last night and wanted to know if anyone was interested in a 15th lobby. It was my first encounter with it.

    Someone asked him why he wasn't 15th prestige himself ................ he promptly left.

we need to get xXLostInPlaceXx account back. He is a great Booster Buster and does us all a service. Check his channel out on yotube

Why do you care what rank someone else is? But anyways there is NO 15th hack for online use, its just a scam to get your M$ points. File complaint and game on.

Try reporting them via your console rather than naming them in a public forum where we only have one side of your story.  Thread alerted.

Simply file a complaint>block communications>move on. That is all you need to do. From there the XBL PET will review the complaint and if necessary take action against the offender. Just remember enforcement action is not instant. Just like with real life crimes it takes time to investigate, gather evidence and take action.


And regardless of the alleged offense we are not allowed to name and shame other players within these forums.

I keep getting messages from players offering to "protect me".

Just Ignore them, and play Legit.

[quote user="Metal10957"]

I keep getting messages from players offering to "protect me".


I see what you did there.

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