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is there someone who can train you in enchanting somewhere, if so who and where?


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I can't remember but I really wouldn't use my money on an Enchanting trainer. You'll hit level 40 or so simply by disenchanting and after that it's a simple grind up to 100.

There's a trainer in Winterhold Academy...can't remember the name.

There are two enchanting trainers to be found in the game.

1. Sergius Turrianus is at the College in Winterhold, he usually wanders in the Hall of Elements back behind all the pillars. He's a grumpy old man but will train you for a price.

2. The other is Hamal in Markarth she can be found in the Temple of Dibella but in order for her to train you you will have to complete a quest for the temple first.

Yeah...for alchemy and enchanting it's really slow going to me.  I'm at 50 for both of them and I've worked at it really hard to get there.

^Before you do any serious grinding, make sure you're using the appropriate Stone (The Mage's Stone for Enchanting and the Thief Stone for Alchemy, just outside your exit from Helgen.

I forgot about that....

I chose the Lover's stone, which is a good option because you learn all specialties 15% faster, as opposed to the other stones that are for a 20% in learning for one specialty.  And since I'm going back and forth from alchemy to enchanting, I'm bringing them both up a little faster.

Ah, that's fine then. The Lover's stone is plenty of extra credit... it's just if you're using, say, the Warrior and accidentally do all your Enchanting without swapping. Takes a lot longer and costs more.