I just need enchanting explained a little more. I don't exactly know how it works. what I mean is i can enchant armor now with a 20% faster regen magicka, and im under level 50 in enchanting. so if i level enchanting up does this number get better or not? and when the perk says it makes enchanted items a certain percent stronger does that mean instead of say 20% i would get 40%? Please and thanks.


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keep enchanting items. Whatever the basic item might be. This will level your skill.

Add the perks for the bonuses. Some really awesome ones after level 50!

the enchanting perks and leveling up enchanting increase the potency of enchantments, although you need to use more powerful soul gems to make more powerful enchants as well, you can even use a potion to increase the quality of the enchantment, usually the potions last for like 60 seconds, from what ive read time doesnt stop when you start enchanting meaning you have 60 seconds to navigate the menu and make what you need. investing in alchemy will allow for creation of even stronger potions to increase enchanting. requires certain ingredients.