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Hey all, Just wondered where I can get the fortify smithing, fortify enchanting, and fortify alchemy spells. I can seen to find them. I want to do some enchanting and make smithing clothes and enchanting clothes for making some good weapons. Any help would be great....thanks


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Via potions mixing ingredients.

You can't enchant something with a potions though.

You can create fortify enchating/Smithing potions to improve the items you want to enchant/smithing

I would like to make armor that I can wear when I'm smithing...how do I do that with a potion? I seen there's a fortify smithing and enchanting spell on you tube but don't know where to find it. And put those enchantments on clothes

You can find/buy  items with the spells already enchanted. Go to the Enchant lab and disenchant it and now you can add that enchant to some of your equipment . I'll post the ingredients  you need to the potions.

You have to find items that are already enchanted with those enchantments, then Disenchant them at a table before you can know the Enchanting spell to enchant items with.

Daft, I know, but there it is.

The potions only help you to get better results when smithing/enchanting ...the better your skill the best your results.

Fortify enchanting ingredients:

blue butterfly wing, hagraven claw, snowberries, sprigan sapp.


Fortify smithing potion ingredients :

bisterwort, glowing mushrooms, sabre cat tooth, Sprigan sap.


you can easily find the ingredients via alchemy shops.

Thanks for the help.....I am going to look for some enchanted weapons at the War Maidens shop. Any other good shops for weapons. The smith at riverwood is dead. A damn dragon attacked me there and he was killed. Crap!

Does anyone know the scale relating to souls.....like what kind of soul is a bear etc?