EMS / Readiness 0 glitch

Up until yesterday my EMS and readiness rankings were fine, but now they read 0, even though my total reads over 4700.  Does this matter?  it happened when my xbox froze.


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I had the same problem. I just rebooted cleanly and all was ok.

I tried rebooting.  But it still reads as 0.  And I tried rebooting several times and it doesnt seem to matter.

Sorry to hear that. I was cresfallen when it happened me, I thought I had lost all my progress. So in your journal are all your missions completed or are they reset too?

The missions are still completed.  Nothing else has changed, it just reads as 0, but my totally keeps going up, so I've just been assuming it's still all there, I was just hoping someone could tell me if thats the case or if I need to restart a game.