Empty Servers..

Played Battlefield all night . Hardly a full server anywhere after 11pm (UK time). Has everyone really gone over to COD?



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Looks that way, Happy Days.

I played a bunch of games that were 12v12 today...no empty matches to speak of. This game was 3rd in the most played game on the xbox a week ago...

Well I personally was playing CoD last night and probably will until skyrim.  However I have no doubt I'll be back to Bf3 sooner or later, just because I prefer the game style.

same a jaybee...  but im bored of cod already i just hope it can occupy my time until friday.

I played tonight (GMT+1) and had mostly full matches.

just wait a week or two, a good amount of people will get tired of cod

Tonight was my frist roughly empty game but the other team was steam rolling every one.

I also noticed this. I normally use the server browser to find games. I was looking for a TDM game and only found 4 matches in the US regions. I found this very disheartening and decided I would widen my search to include full servers, this returned 45 pages of servers. However only 4 of them were not full! Later in the night while playing Rush with friends we continually had half full rooms, kinda frustrating. Hopefully this will pass as people who were busy trying MW3 come back.