Emo, Creepypasta, Down to Earth.

I am xEyelessJacK,
Real name being Tyler, Sooo.... ive never posted on xbox.com before but uhm, Im looking for anyone who LOVES Creepypasta, Fellow emotional people
, Or just a serious friend, I am i the "Emotional" category, I I tend to get along with most, But PLEASE note, I;m a hardcore gamer, no no not tryhard or rager nah, just.. i play ALOT
of gmes especially CoD alone, I need a cod friend to play with an talk to, Idk where else to turn to and im determined to find someone to game out on Blackops 2 with, Im in love with CoD, theres a story behind how i got into it, but yeah, I would like a friend who is mature, better yt emotional like me and have been depressed at points and can understand me, I had a brother once and i lost him, He turned into one of the douchebags that we avoided, its like he turned into the very person he hated, and now im left alone, ive been on my own for the past 10 months now scouring xbox live for friends, i\ve met Many people and alot of drama, stories have happened, its all gone to waste sadly, they all walked out on me, i've had the time of my life meeting these people, but also ive had the worst moments in my life losing them .___.

So i come here to Xbox forums to ask th community one thing, Are you my type of friend?
FIND OUT, add me xEyelessJacK, i will have time for you if your like me, but if your some swag-*** or inexperienced gamer and dunno what your doing go away.
Im friendly and happy otherwise, Creepypasta is my life by the way, i hope you know what that is, If you do, Then.. Just, Go To Sleep.


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