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So I have that Field Engineer onyx medal x8 while boosting the combat engineer medal for the mutator. I guess my questions is do any of you guys know if each time I received that same onyx medal if it counts toward the 30? or does it have to be completely different medals?


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Ya it doesn't count multiple of one medal. I have three  of one  and three others so four different onyx medals. Embry star only shows four.


I would have 14 medals if I counted the 8 field engineer medals as one each.

Id have to say no. But thats just an opinion. Check to see how many onyx medals you have under that medal, and it should answer it for you. Would be nice tho....

Cool, thanks guys.

you have to earn all 30 different onyx medals. you can't earn the same one 30 times over. the embry star medal shows how many you have earned. i earned 3 different ones. i end one 2 times over so thats 4. yet my count under embry star says 3.

Is that your opinion or do you have some facts?