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I tried some quick google searching on this but I didn't have the patience in the end, so: how are the emblems and titles in this game? Is there an emblem editor like in Ops'? How about the titles (or what were they, call cards in BO2?), do they exist? If so, are they recycled from MW2 & 3? Are they looking nice? Hopefull some of you who have seen them already could answer these questions. Gotta tell you, I loved emblem editor in BO2 but I also loved trying to find the perfect combination in MW2 & 3.


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IW games never have an emblem editor, it's always preset ones. Yes titles are back, and the emblems that I've seen are ok. None of the good ones have been unlocked by anyone yet, it's too early to tell.

Now that people have actually been unlocking these emblems and stuff, how are they?

The emblems are not recycled, but the saying that comes with them are. For Example, the Noob Tuber one is recycled, and the titles are all just bland. Not much to choose from, none of them look good. I use the Christmas camo background and the Prestige Master ones. They are the only ones that look good.

I like the 8 bit "don't cross the streams" patch

^ was to easy to get though, had it in first few days.

The operation "clueless" is a very hard challenge, but the patch is worth it.

How do you get "Don't cross the streams" patch?

spray lots of lead at eye level and hope the right person walks into it. had it in the first week with out knowing how I did it. but google knows.


"you need to get a headshot using any of the four LMG's.... However, you need to get a headshot on someone wearing the PMC Heavy Elite Armor. They need to be wearing the armor, not you. "

head shots are beyond easy with the LSAT, I don't even aim for them and its like every 4-5th kill is a headshot.

Im a wiggler shooter, keep those jumpers, droppers n side-steppers in check.

As I spray lead in a wiggle pattern, not just aim straight.