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I want to make a really awesome emblem does anyone have a good website for that?


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YT for tuts.

What are you looking to make?  

Google images and figure it out from there.  Much more satisfying.  

I use tutorials for some of the emblems I have but that's cause I have no artistic ability. But the ones you make on your own that are actually good looking make you feel proud.

My Sponge Bob is pretty epic. Actually its really bad, but made to "look" that way. Its a salute to a terrible one we saw the other day playing with One Eye (he was so mad about it I had to make one), LOL.

I want to make a unicorn and the background to be fire

Just go to YT

[quote user="Sweet Smurfetta"]

I want to make a unicorn and the background to be fire

[/quote]I think Ladyeh or maybe Sleeper Syn has that. I dunno about the fire, but I think they both had unicorns.



I'm the best.


No website necessary. Just Google something you want to make, and make it yourself. You should be able to guess by looking at the picture just how many layers it ought to take.