Elite Want refund Broking.

This is STUPID charging people 50 buck for something that dont even work. Cant logon on the xbox or the website. I mean come on thats what beta was for this should have done been up and running completly. Not 6 months from now when my subscribtion is almost gone. The way i see it dont sale something that isnt working. If there is to much traffic. fix the problem add more servers or what ever you have to do. I have been trying to load it for the last 15 mins and im still in the waiting room. Then it gives me and unexpected error. This is crap. Oh my god it finally let me on it after 3 days of trying and 20 mins of load time im so proud of the people running this feature for MW3 they are special. 


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They definitely dropped the ball here.

But no DLC has come out yet so unless you're really into the clan stuff I don't think there's any reason to worry just yet.

well the good thing of it is that ill get the DLC. I quess that was worth the money.

Well they mentioned on the call of duty site, that everyone is getting a 30 day extension that purchsed via xbox live or via the code in the hardened edition. So time to be happy, we extra time.

I'm not buying Elite. I'm only going to buy the first map pack and that's it.

Yes they announced that the Elite service that you got with the HE or purchased separatly will be extended an extra month and we should start to see founder status by next week