Elite - help please (not login related)

ok, so call me a noob, whatever - but i am confused about Elite - i finally was able to log in earlier, but i can't see anywhere to play MW3 in it - it is just stats! - there is a lin k to the bottom left to return to the game, but then thats the same game i would have played had i loaded the disc as normal.

Also, I am not getting any dbl exp or anything - apart from the free DLC (which i hope will work) I am struggling to see why i paid for it! (also, i presume that after the 13th, i'll get founder status - but again, I fail to see the benefit of that)

Am I using Elite correctly, or am I being totally stupid and missing something obvious?

Clearly, the more experienced of you are making other comments in general about the game etc, but a little noob help would really be appreciated!



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Elite is not a game, it is to help you get better at mw3. i bought it mostly for the DLC. i think it is mostly stats. give it a few days and they should have it up and running.

It is the same as bungie.net where it shows heatmaps, your Detailed Stats and clans and other neat stuff. it is also like battlelog