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i signed up for it before mw3 was released an could login at one time... now it wont accept password or send me a new one. i talked to online chat an they had me assoc a diff live account. now i dont have founder status, an insttead of member since 11/7 it says 12/3. i plain an simple got screwed an guy on elite says its a bug in there system an noway for me to login from my original account. can anyone help me how to recover or reset my elite password on original account. guy on elite was no help fixing it he just wanted me to make a new email that accomplished nothing...


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if the guy from elite can't help you what makes you think someone here can?

Thats a IW problem not a Xbox/M$ problem. Go to the source.

Aside from the purely cosmetic fact that the date is different....I'm not sure you got screwed...they are compensating the Elite members automatically with one additional month of the Elite service to make up for the FUBAR they had on their hands when more people than expected attempted to log into the service and create accounts or what not...creating (as you are obviously familiar with) the problem where nobody could really use the system or log in for the first month...

I get that you're saying you had to create an additional account or something....but I'm not sure why...as far as that goes...I pre-ordered mine as well...and signed up in advance (which is what it sounds like you did)...even though I could not log in once the game released...it still reverted back to my original account once they got the service cleaned up a little....did you make a new account before they cleaned it up?  Also...when you say account...are you referring to your xbox live / gamertag account, or your MW3 elite account?  Just trying to get an idea of what exactly you mean.

i found possibly why they have done this, an not so sure its a mistake... originally i signed up for a special promotion on xbox, as an elite founder with a 1 year FREE premium membership...this was offered just before mw3 was released and the offer ended the day mw3 was released. myself and my brother both signed up and had confirmed founder accounts with 1 year premium free. so now that i cant login to my original account im stuck with having to buy a 1 year premium membership if i want founder status. i also had my brother check his and same thing it no longer will let him login same as mine did. at this point id rather *** down there throat for wasting my time.