Elite Founder emblams

Ok people after all the problems with Elite I can finally get into it it says I am a founder member now but I dont have the emblams n stuff unlocked, I have the Hardened edition also. Do I need to do something extra or is it still not working properly? Thanks in advance.


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I got the camo and emblems before I got founder status on Elite itself. ( I already was a founder though )

Just be a little patient, Activision is working on bringing all the goodies to founders :)

I accessed Elite via the in game menu, then returned to MW3 via the in app menu from Elite.  Doing this, I was then able to access my titles and emblems.  It may not be what is needed, but since it worked that way for me, I'll assume it could help you as well.

How can you tell if you have founder status?

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How can you tell if you have founder status?

[/quote]  you have the ELITE silver skulls title with a green edges

it tells you on the main screen when you log in to elite,it has it just above the big box in the middle of the screen in green writing

Mine just showed up one day. I didn't do anything specific to get them.