Elite Fifa Leagues!!

Elite Fifa Leagues

Preparations are now under way for Fifa12's impending debut and Elite Fifa Leagues invites you to come along for the ride!! With over 100 active members, Elite Fifa Leagues continues to build on it's 3 years of success with numerous leagues & tournaments on offer for members of all levels of ability. Play a minimum of just 5 games a week or more for the hardcore fanatics looking to feed their ever increasing appetite for all things Fifa12!

Here is just a few of things Elite Fifa Leagues has to offer...

The World Leagues!

Boasting 5 divisions of 20 Members, begin your EFL career in the World Leagues with Club teams used from all around the globe! Guide your team to promotion or fight against relegation, experience the thrills and spills a league campaign has to offer with just 5 games a week all that is required from members.

The Manual Leagues!

Play Fifa12 in it's purest form with EFL's very own leagues dedicated to Full Manual Controls. Leave opponents in a daze as you show sheer precision in picking out a pass or scoring that perfect goal.

Champions League & Europa League

With qualification determined by your World Leagues position, clock up those Air Miles as you take your team far and wide in search for the ultimate prize!

B2B Leagues

Are you tired of opponents messing with formations or faffing with starting line ups? Then fear not as Back 2 Basics is just for you! A concept as simple as this, set up the match and keep pressing (A) until kick off, no team changes, no formation changes, what you see is what you get as you battle against others to see who is the most adaptable member around.

Numerous Tournaments!!

If that still is not enough then we have more!! Alternated through the seasons, expect to see classics such as the FA Cup, head to South America to sample some Copa Libertadores or compete in the most famous tournament around....The World Cup!! Whilst a monthly ladder is also on hand for those looking for that quick fix in between league games, play against any other member with any team of your choosing to climb your way to the top and to be crowned Ladder Champion!

Fifa King!!

Do you have what it takes to dethrone the King? Get in line and challenge the King and once your opportunity arises, take that crown and embark on an unbeaten streak with a 2 year record still to be beaten!

Dream Eleven!

As unique as they come as Elite Fifa Leagues offers it's very own Fantasy Football League...Fifa12 Style!! Choose 11 players from various teams in The World Leagues who you expect to perform well and watch as your predictions either fail miserably or storm to success.

Signing up only takes a couple of minutes whilst an EFL Mentor will be on hand to guide you through everything on offer and to answer any questions you may have.

A New Game, A New Era..... Do you want to be apart of it?

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I would be happy to re-join, Looks like you could use the members!

We do?

Not too sure where it suggests that but thanks for the offer ;)

Just heard that there are a lot of no players in you divisions, It's a shame really as it was a great site before just seemed that the admins went ban happy over a little bit of banter!!

11 members online at the minute isn't the amount your quoting to have! :-/

There's still league spots available, go sign up and play ladder games to show you are active!

sorry you feel like this Toonkev, you knew the rules and were unable to stick to them

Top site with a great bunch of players. Well worth a look if you want to play against respectful and non glitch/exploit people.

I never said it was a bad site! But I was an active member in all leagues and you banned me cause I use efl's name and said it was a great site! It was harsh to ban for that no warning just a clear ban! there a top lads on that site but there are some admins that don't even follow the rules themselves!!

great site at EFL new season upon is 4 active divisions in World league, Great owner, Admins, and superb staff running the site, come along and enjoy the community spirit

EFL is an awesome site. Managed extremely well by everyone and offers something for every player. Kev you know your banned for more than that, I always thought you were alright but it seems you want to troll any thread connected to EFL.

great site lads sign up and get involved :D

* Please try a lower page number.

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* Please try a lower page number.

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