Elise lived in Bowerstone and is now... invisible?

Hey I'm at Weight of the World and Pre-revolution had Elise and my two kids (I think Elise cheated on me because they were black) were living in Old Quarter. And now they gone. Can't find them in Old QUarter (i had it rebuilt) and I've tried moving them to other locales but no dice? Cut my loses or is there for them to show their faces?


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Check the orphanage for the kids.  If the house was sold or demolished, hubby is gone for good as if you got a divorce.   The area that your spouse is from determines what the kids will look like. Industrial spouse  puts out kids that look like they came from the factories or the orphanage.  Look at the kids in the area your spouse is from.  That is what your kids will look  like.  

when you were taking the castle you damaged most of bowerstone old quarter, sooo she probably died... and you kids, well there in the orphanage.