Elemental Resistance vs Magic Resistance?

I don't usually play as a mage but I want to reroll as on so I had a quick question on with elemental resistances (shock,fire,frost) and magic resistances. 

Ignoring the fact that with  patch 1.2 they don't work, but when they do work properly are they interchangeable?  For example does 80% magic resistance = 80% frost resistance?  Also Is there a cap how much resistance you can have I heard the game caps at 85% but that was heresay and I couldn't find any definitive answer.


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As far as I know that's how they work although resist magic only blocks spells.

I don't think resist magic protects against fire damage from traps.

Not sure if it works against dragons either because not sure if their fire breath is magic.

I'm not sure if there is a resist magic cap or not. I don't think there is for resist fire, frost or shock effects because frost atronachs are immune to frost(In my game they are because i'm still on patch 1.1)

Thanks, sounds like I was correct in thinking it would be better to enchant with resist magicka instead of elemental resistances.  I'll be making an armor set then that has magic resistance so that when the patch comes out I can switch.