Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Sound Trailer


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I liked that video. Thanks! :)

Just listening to that Barbarian Choir sent chills down my spine!!!  ':co


Makes me want to get the soundtrack even more!!!

I thought it was really funny that they were all in jeans.... and not viking apparel.

* 5:50 is very awesome.

** 70+ voice actors = very awesome, sounds good


It's funny tho, i stopped by gamestop earlier to mess with the women that works there. I told her that i knew they got skyrim early and I wanted my copy early, lol. Joking ofcourse.

I was looking at the mag at the front desk while say was taking an order, oblivious to the t.v. that they have going..... Then my head whips up, Skyrim. It was uncontrolled,lol. That theme is one of a kind.

Off Topic: GTAV trailer is amazing.....