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I have a few questions.


When playing the game and want to see at which lvl a enemy or creature is before I choose to attack it or it attacks me in a random encounter, is there a way to have that info displayed?

I also am wondering now that I have completed the golden claw quest and have returned it back to the shop owner lucan at the riverwood trader, and now want to marry camilla and have talked to her but all she does is say something like how nice it is to have the claw back and at this time I can't seem to begin a conversation with her

What more do i need to do.

 I wonder if anybody know when a expansion or dlc will be released for this game and what may it contain? 


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You cannot display an enemies level. There are a few things that you should stay away from until at least level 20 though. Spriggins, Giants, Mammoths, Drauger Wights and above, Dragon Priests, and town guards. Most everything else you should be able to handle.


I am thinking that if you do the quest for Faendel or Sven Camilla will not marry you.


We do not know anything about DLC but most people think it has to do with defeating the Aldmeri Dominion and we might be making a return to Morrowind or Cyrodil.

To marry someone you need to have an Amulet of Mara or the dialogue to court them will not appear. Once you have the amulet you need to find an NPC that has these options, if its not appearing with the NPC in question my guess is that she is not interested, i.e. you can't marry that particular NPC.


I can guarantee that a DLC will be released but as it what it will contain no information has been confirmed by Bethesda as of yet. As the other poster here said there has been speculation of an Aldemari Dominion DLC but that as of now is just internet rumors.