Elder Scrolls Online guild X 501st Legion X recruiting!!

Hello all,

I am the guild master of a guild that is getting a jump on the launch date for ESO (6-9-15) We are looking for new players who have not yet had a chance to play the game and for players who will migrate over from the PC version. We have just declared our support for the Aldmeri Dominion, and will operate off of the NA server. We are primarily in eastern time however we have members active all over the world so far. We welcome any race and character builds, although we are mainly a vampire/werewolf clan we do not require you to be one of these creatures. (although we want players who will take "the Red Pill") We have a very defined ranking system in the guild and very clear rules established for those who seek structure. For the most part we will be involved in PVE, with RP for those who like it, with progression, leveling and some PVP. We have a website http://x501stlegionx.enjin.com/home this site hosts our application form for the guild, and has in depth information about us. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me on the site or message me on XBL both my site name and gt are Aaron5588

Some fast facts about us are:

-We want members who are committed to our guild, and want to help promote its growth.

-We as officers of the guild want to assist new members in promotion with in the guild and help level up, and/or provide lower level characters by crafting items for them.

-We want to function on a very high level as a guild, and use good tactics in combat.

-We will REQUIRE that all members use a mic while playing with the guild. ( Kinect, chat, or gaming headsets makes no difference as long as you can hear you guildmates and they can hear you.)

-The guild as a whole enjoys RP elements and we do welcome anyone who does like to participate.

Thank you for your time and those who read this, hope to see your applications soon!!


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This clan is still a work in progress. As such we have changed our name and address.. we can now be located at wardensofthedark.enjin.com

Please come check us out!!