Elder Scrolls Oblivion Game Question?

I would like to know when I put in the game disk and it starts loading the game which then takes me to the start up main screen, How do i remove the cache files that the games puts on the hard drive to improve game performance and which buttons on the controller do I press and when?

I also would like to know when after dis-mounting my in game horse and enter a dungeon, or go into a building or city for some reason my horse has left is not where I left him and do not know where to find him? This also happens after I log out of the game and later log back into the game?

If this is a bug in the game, will it be fixed when the 5th avviversary edition is released later this month?



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To clear it, press and hold the A button on the controller while the game is first loading (up until the "Bethesda Softworks" logo appears). The Cache will be cleared, and any sudden lag should be gone. This is also a popular method to try to fix glitches.

One thing: After clearing the Cache, the initial loading screen will take longer to load

The horse will be in the city stables when you enter a city... You can distinguish him from the others by its name. It'll be "Your" then the type of horse.

e.g. "Your Bay Horse"

As for going into caves/dungeons are you sure you havent just misplaced the horse (Sorry for the patronising question).

Thirdly... your "In game horse"? That kinda implies you have a real one with you whilst you play oblivion :P I hope this is true for the lulz.

As for the cache files why would you want to get rid of them? Im not even sure you can by pressing any buttons on the main menu. Not for 360 anyway.