Eidos dev confirms always on connection, games tied to console on next Xbox

Hope this isn't true. http://www.thisisxbox.com/360/eidos-confirm-next-gen-xbox-blocks-used-games/ The next-generation of Xbox is one of the closest guarded secrets of the Microsoft Corp' Camp - you'll find no leaked controller pictures anyway with this upcoming baby, but Eidos' Ian Livingstone has confirmed in an interview that the upcoming next Xbox console will indeed watermark discs so they are unusable on other machines. Livingstone is currently in India promoting the new Tomb Raider game and was interviewed by the GameGuru.in team whilst on his travels. The confirmation that Xbox 720, Xbox 8, Loop, Infinity (whatever it will be called) blocking used games will surely be a massive blow to retailers who rely on the trade-ins and used game market to supplement their sales. It was also confirmed that the next Xbox does require an `always-on' internet connection, so if you're having bandwidth issues or on a capped data plan - you might want to consider upgrading! Nothing has yet been confirmed by Microsoft, but with Sony soon to announce a new Playstation console and publishers looking to showcase their latest games on next-gen hardware - a reveal is logically imminent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-AN0zJop7o&feature=player_embedded

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predicting software sales are cut in half.

Assuming this is true what would happen if someone's console gets the RROD (or the next-gen equivalent)? If the games only work on one console, wouldn't that console dying make the games worthless? I'm also not a fan of the "always online" approach they're rumored to be taking. My internet connection is fine, but I do occasionally get disconnected. I'd hate to lose my progress in a single player game because I got disconnected. And there are people who don't/can't play online all the time, MS is basically  sending them over to their competitors.


I was planning on sticking with Xbox next-gen, but if these rumors are true I'll be switching over to Sony (unless their console has the same restrictions).

If prices don't drop after used games are ousted, I'll likely just have to quit gaming. I don't have enough money to constantly poop out $60 every couple of weeks.

if this rumour is true, that'll mean you won't be able to lend games to your mates.

yes because you won't own them, you simply buy a license to use them. I'l be switching to PC if both big consoles do this. No way in hell i'm paying $60  per game when I can get similar or the same stuff on steam for half that sometimes less.


also it will be funny, so many games are going to flop, even decent titles are going to be lost because you can't resell them, people will think twice before risking their hard earned money on lesser known titles and just stick to the same few games. this gen could be the crash people have been waiting for, I wonder who will survive it.

US Revenge beat me to it... he pretty much typed out my thoughts word-for-word.

If the rumors are true, I will be a PC gamer. 

Good thing i'm finally getting a decent PC this month.
If this is true than it looks like I will definitely be becoming a PC gamer.

Thats a lot of money especially if say, the system dies and you need a new to buy a new one. All your games would be worthless.
Plus its nice to be able to play a game if i'm not in an area with internet.. What kind of crap is that? 

Yes, yes...

Join me, friends.

And don't forget to get Guild Wars 2.

you are obsessed XD the first pc game I get is natural selection 2 and chivalry medieval warfare both those games look like so much fun....

Until I see actual confirmation by Microsoft/Sony, I am taking in all rumors with a grain of salt. A way I look at it is that MS/Sony may be saying no to used games atm to please EA and their "used game sales are bad for the gaming industry" rhetoric, but at the last moment say screw you and drop that notion once and for all. MS?Sony are in this to stay alive and relevant. If one or both do this "no used games" they will be loosing a lot of the repeat business. 
I'll just stick with Halo 4 and my Halo 4 LE 360 console if they are going to do this stuff. 

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