Effective Zombie plan (Kino Der Toten) rounds survived "46"

Hi, I'm here to explain my way getting good at Zombies on Kino. first off you use your knife for the first 2 rounds and round 3 buy the M14 off the wall and get headshots for points. if you are still in the lobby when the Hounds come, you can run around and shoot the hounds. round 7 open the doors to the AK-74u and buy the AK, don't open the doors that lead to the M16 or else the plan will fall. try to get good guns from the box like the Thunder gun and any good secondary weapon. always use the teleporter in-case you are in danger. buy Claymores to plant them towards the wall so if you are out of ammo you can pick them up and get some kills. or activate the turret in the theater. If you get perk sodas I can list down the times to use them down below. Thank you

soda: Quick revive-Anytime, Juggernog- round 8 or 10, Speed cola- on long time reloaders.

Guns: Thunder gun, M16, AK47u, RPK, HK21, Mp-40, or galil.


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how many players? on offline? and, i say dnnt buy the ak, not tht affective and it runs out of ammo 2 fast. i say try 2 get thunder gun and rpk and monkeys, then another player try ta get monkeys and hk and ray gun

thts wat id do, me n frends played like tht n we woulda got past 26 but i had 2 leeve. darn.

umm if you play with 4 players it will take you time due to the amount of Zombies but if you play 2 players you can reach level 50 or higher in 3 or 4 hours. I got to 46 in 2 hours and 44 mins and died after killing 16 zombies and 4 creepy crawlers.

Um not to sound like a noob but what exactly do all the sodas help with??

it helps u stay alive longer. jugg, harder 2 get down, dubbl tap, dubbl the strenght of gun, quick revive, revives quickly, slight of hand, reloads faster, ect.

um, Ghost. its kinda weird the way you explain your way. Conquer, the 4 sodas are Juggernog, Double Tap Rootbeer, Quick Revive, and Speed Cola. Juggernog gives you a health boost so instead of 2 hits its like 6 or 7 hits. Double Tap Rootbeer 2x your rate of fire on your gun. Speed cola makes reloading your gun 4x faster really good with Big guns. Quick revive, In single player the revive is used so if you die you get back up. online its used for reviving your mates quick.

cambatdude819. yea i like ur explanation better......lol :P

so your plan doesnt worked if you felt on 46 ? :)

most of my friends can't get passed 13 14 not even 15 but I went to 46 myself. you are supossed to go to level 50 but I was off 4 levels lol

I got 55 just getting tired to get higher cause of so much time it takes and by the way forget about reachin round 55 in 4 hours because its not gonna happen ..., goodluck!

lol nice to see that you got that far.