Eder Dam

Does anyone still play capture the flag on Eder Dam? I was thinking about picking this game up.


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Nah dude, not a single soul roams E'dam anymore. But if you ever do venture in there, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT step a foot onto the bridge. Those shell casings are a complete trip hazard.

Rumor has it the Hungary King heroically walked onto it, slipped and broke his left arm. He can no longer spawn camp the Axis with his jeep!!

I played this for the first time in 3 months yesterday and it was quiet. Good job really as it took a while to dust the rust off my fingers and thumbs. II N0 Scope45 I sucks XxX


I tried to join a few games but it seems that no one plays this game anymore. :( It probably just my luck to be honest. :) It would be cool to get a few people playing this game again. A change from nukes on CoD: MW2 would be nice. :P

What game have you been playing?

CoD3 is still very active, unless of course you're playing ranked matches, in which that case you'll never find a game.

Stick to player matches!!!!

I'm at edar dam almost every day and never see a soul, I just make believe other people are playing...it feels so real

I do that all the time at Fuel Plant, but there really is no one there.  Makes it even more realistic!!!!

(Whos the troll who 1 star'd all the posts?)

The next time I don't see him at edar dam I'll give him a piece of my mind.