E.D.E or Eddie?

This is something that's came to my attention when discussing the game with mates.

Do you pronounce the little flying robot guys' name as (the individual letters) E.D.E or,

do you pronounce it Eddie (as in Eddie Munster)?

I've always thought of it as E.D.E but some of my friends say Eddie?

What do the rest of you think and does it say anything about characters depending on our preferrence?

Maybe if we use Eddie we are more friendly and we think of the robot as a companion and friend.

If we use, the more impersonal, E.D.E. we view it merely as a tool...a mobile weapon and storage container?

Makes you wonder.

Any psychology students out there who can offer an opinion?

(Hey, I know it's just a game but it's got me thinking.)


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Since it is written ED-E I've always pronounced it like Eddie, but with a slight pause between syllables.

I've always called her (she's female for me for some reason) E D, as though you said the letters in the alphabet one after the other.



phyrian is right. It shows on him that it's spelled ED-E, so it would be pronounced Eddie.

LMAO! I never really thought anyone else had such thoughts. I find myself referring to ED-E as Eddie but I'm dang sure the Flying Robot doesn't really care. Only we do. In ChainSmokingBob's case, it would be pronounced EEdie as in the female persuasion. Oh and D comes before E in the alphabet. LOL No offense. Have you noticed how tough that little character gets when you have high Charisma and you get him/her upgraded? He, in my case, really enjoys running Scorpion Gulch. Let him lead and he'll take out nearly everything in your path. I can make it through there with only a few shots of my own. Eddie takes the rest out. It's worth about 250XP each time.

I truthfully think of it as E.D.E, but I usually refer to him as that dumb stupid robot that keeps getting knocked unconcious

Did you get him upgraded yet? What level are you? He levels up with you and after awhile he'll carry almost 300#. His health will be over 400. Unless you are attacking Deathclaws. Make sure he's on aggressive and not in passive mode with weapons set at distance, not melee.

"Oh and D comes before E in the alphabet. LOL No offense."


I know THAT, lol! I was simply arranging it so that E and D were next to each other in that order, since I use the sounds for E and D to pronounce her name.

Glad you found the humor, I figured you were trying to get a point across, I'm guessing the female voice is some kind of glitch. I've never heard of it before. I still get a kick out of how the dialogue voices change in this game. My ED-E just makes these wierd bleeping sounds and then his musical score when he's about to go into battle just cracks me up.

It's just Eddie's way of warning me I think.

That's a good point about the robot being female.  I never even considered it

Guess I'm just stuck in my unenlightened, caveman ways...or is that 'cave man'?

I love his/hers/its (I'll just type hhis from now on...I can be PC but, I'm still lazy) battle charge music as well.

I was also impressed with  hhis weapon upgrade after the first (major) patch.

Before the patch the weapon was still the same laser animation, after the patch it's some kind of, cool, ball lighting thingamajig.

I usually keep him in passive mode, as I play as a sneaky bugger who snipes people.

It's not a good day unless I can explode the head of a deathclaw from a hundred feet away.

I noticed that blue ball thing once but normally just lazers. I wonder if that's a special weapon he uses only sometimes.

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