Ebonheart Guild Recruiting

We're only six strong, and relatively low levels.  So don't expect much.

The six of us are active duty military, so we really only play for leisure.

We made the guild to have people to group up together, run a few dungeons.  Help out with supplies.  Or just generally sit there and talk to each other.  Anyone is welcome, high-low levels.  We're just trying to expand the little group that we have.  We're all cool people, with a somewhat off color sense of humor.  We'll joke about racism, gays, religion, you name it.  None of us are prejudice in any way and we have a fairly diverse little group of people.  Just wanted to throw that out there so you know what to expect.

But yeah, shoot me a message on xbox for an invite if you want in or want information.  We're all cool people, we'll be willing to help in anyway, or just shoot the *** when we're bored. Oh, and all of our mains are in Ebonheart Pact, but a few us have side characters in others.  So it's not faction specific, you'll just have better chances grouping up if you're Ebonheart.

Anyway, message me on xbox, gamer tag is IVKingPufXX if you want to know more.

Thanks for reading, take care now. 


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Oh 420 too i get it, hope you keepout of trouble tho, cause i know

I wouldnt have a gt of kingpuf if i was active duty, just sayin, or maybe i would; i was a problem child

Keen to join, fairly casual player, Mrmarshmellow78