Easy Titanite/Large Titanite/Green Titanite Farming - The Depths

Ok, same deal as with the Humanity, but here is an easy way to farm up some of those necessary shards.

1)  In the depths, the hallway that leads to the first bonfire has those slimey things on the ceiling that fall down into the water.  There are 4 or 5 of them.  Killing these will randomly drop either Titanite shards, Large Titanite Shards or Green Titanite shards.

2)  It's super easy to farm both Humanity AND the shards by using the bonfire, coming out and going to kill the rats, falling back towards the bonfire and instead of going there turn right down the hall.  Turn around back towards the bonfire and all the slimes should be on the ground.

3)  Use a weapon (like the Great Axe) that has a downward swing motion.  Thrusting weapons tend not to work/hit low enough.

4)  Kill all the slimes and head to the bonfire in front of you.  Rinse and repeat.

Being human and equipping the Covetous Serpent ring will give you tons of items and humanity quickly.  Have fun!


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What is this ring you speak of good sir???

Those slimewads are amazingly tough.  I have a dex based character using a Balder Side Sword that gets about 150 damage, and it still takes a half dozen power attacks (rats, however, go down in a single thrust).  Farming is such a huge part of this game.  Good way to both level up, and find materials.

Covestus Serpent Ring.  Adds +200 to Item Discovery.    Very awesome. You can get it easily in Sen's Fortress.

Also, the slimewads aren't too bad.  I can kill them in about 4 hits each with the Great Axe +8

man, just a single fire bomb takes care of them with no problem, the slimes that is. Their weakness is fire, so if you have a fire weapon, do your worst on them. I just throw one of my 99 fire bombs at them and hit them once and on to the next one.