Easy Outposts

Can anyone advise on any easy outposts to take over. I'm just trying to mop up some achievements and think I'm going to struggle with the fully inked cheevo, as I need to clear two outposts undetected. I have completed the main part of game and activated most radio towers so any weapon advice would be welcome as I have most of them at my disposal.

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The easiest outposts to take over are at the top left of the map where you start the game.

Some of them all you have to do is get to high ground over looking the outpost, and use a silenced weapon and shoot the animal cage and if you are lucky the tiger/bear etc will actually take everyone out for you and you get the outpost without been detected.

In general, most of the outposts if you scout the perimeter you can get to an alarm and deactivate it fairly easily without been seen, then if you are careful you can kill everyone without them seeing you.

Ok, cheers will give that a go.

If you go stealth outposts are a breeze, I use just the bow and knife takedowns. Its so easy once you range in the bow and get good with it.