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In Skyrim, im Level 59 and i need to level up magic to go farther. Right now te best i can do is use the spell that converts health to magic and magic to health at th same time because my magic levels are really low. Money to pay people to level my magic skills up isn't a problem, my level is too high or something because they say they can't upgrade until i level up everytime i go to them. I went to everyone in the College and other Misc. mages and i just can't find anybody. Any easy ways to level up? 


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Well, what magic skills are you trying to level up?  Let us know the names -- Conjuration?  Illusion? Alteration? Destruction?


If you can get your hands on the "Detect Life" spell, you can just cast it over & over again in towns to boost.

Muffle levels Illusion so fast.

The best I know is for Alteration.  Go to a really busy place like the Riften Marketplace and cast Detect Life with one hand and Telekinesis with the other.  Just make sure that when Telekinesis ends you haven't thrown anything AT anybody.  I accidentally assaulted one of the merchants with a cabbage, so he attacked me.  Lydia, bless her heart, bashed his head in and the whole town jumped us.  She killed almost all of Riften in her protective rage.